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Responsiveness 5/5 Negotiation skills 5/5 Professionalism and communication 5/5 Market expertise 5/5 We bought a house with our son and his wife.

They met Robin at an open house and instantly liked her. After talking about our needs with her, they asked us to agree with them that she was the correct person to help us. She is a very kind and personable professional. Working with her as always a pleasure and in the end we bought a house with which we are all happy.

The Myers Family, Somerville, MA

Robin Miller was the perfect broker.

The area is very tight: those who “specialize” there, are influenced by previous buyers & sellers. The pressure to hire a specific realtor should make anyone’s alarm bells go off. It was immediately clear, when a neighbor who had used them, suddenly began “kindly” suggesting developers who might want to buy. Talk of commissions and estimates of sales price. The gossip was clearly coming from an incestuous environment. “Everyone” wanted to “help” including “they need to know in 48 hours.” What a relief to have found a broker, Robin Miller, at arm’s length; well versed in every aspect of marketing and sales. Had I listened to this “helpful advice” I would have sold for around 20% less than I did. Calm, clear, focused, available and knowledgeable, are wonderful qualities. But what you really want is a good price. Robin Miller achieved exactly that and far more than I conceived of. Highly recommend to an emotional seller, although I was not one. Robin projects wisdom, calm and has an infectious sense of humor. Excellent at talking “clients off of a cliff.” Robin Miller is extremely knowledgeable about the 02138/Avon Hill sales area. It’s not your normal neighborhood to buy or sell in due to its location.

Claire DeVore

If you are lucky enough to have Robin Miller guide you through buying or selling a house, listen to her guidance.

She had a clever pricing and pre-marketing strategy that produced a better result than I dreamed possible. She gave good advice, recommended various people who helped with moving and fire alarms and so on, and worked hard to ensure a smooth and painless process. She also at the same time helped my daughter and son-in-law find and buy a house- Robin suggested a neighborhood they did not know but which suits them perfectly.

Signe Spencer

Robin did have to work longer in order to sell my 3-unit project.

The Project was delayed over a year because of a shut down by the city because of Covid, hard to get materials, contactor delays and endless slow responses by the city inspectional service. She performed the task without any complaints. It all worked out in the end as the units were sold.

Mike Sanrangelo

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